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Energizing With Chi

Did you know that you have energy that courses through an extremely delicate and intricate framework that is connected to everything that is concious and unconcious within you?

That if you were to be able to understand this ancient and revered system that you would ultimately be able to alleviate any symptom and health condition that you may encounter in your life?

Chi (or qi) is the name of this incredible and intagible force that serves as the undercurrent for everything alive, and many have found the secrets to harnessing this for themselves. Keep reading to find out more!

Energizing With Chi: Chi, Ki, Chi-i, and Qi

While it goes by many names that include the likes of ‘Universal Life Energy’, ‘Vital Life Force Energy’, and others the fact of the matter is that, according to traditional chinese medicine, anything can be cured if you stimulate a particular point of the body with pressure, heat, or cold. Honed over 5,000 years the art of manipulating specific points in the body in order to release pent-up up chi has been the centre-point of asian medicine rather than relying of pills and serums that is synonymous with western medicine.

It is important to note that their needs to be a healthy amount of chi. Much like anything too little or too much of something is bad and no different for chi. If you feel confident, able to get up in the morning with gusto, feel like you can take the day by the horns, get good restful sleep, and anything else that you would associate with someone that looks like they’ve got it together then you could say that their amount of chi is healthy.

But what would happen if you’ve got too much or too little chi flowing through your meridians? Basically the opposite of the previously person that has it together – easily irritable, nightmares, feeling fatigued, more easily depressed, cathing ailments more often, and so on and so forth. Outside influences can also negatively affect your chi including experiencing shock and fear that results in chi becoming frozen or scattered.

So now that you know what chi is next up are the pathways that chi runs in – meridians!

Within the body starting at different organs and ending at the extremities (toes, fingers) are 12

Energizing With Chi: The Pathways

From https://naturalhealthcourses.com/2018/08/energy-flow-understanding-the-bodys-meridian-lines/

Within the body starting at different major organs and ending at the extremities (toes, fingers) are invisible lanes of which chi travel on known as meridians. They operate in 6 pairs – six are Yin and six are Yang – that also have specific times as to when you need to pay attention to so as to get the full benefits. Moving every two hours along their respective meridians the chi works to maintain and repair their corresponding organs and, if the path isn’t blocked, letting you experience their full potential. The following is a list of the 12 meridians and how they affect you at their best and at their worst.

Small Intestine Meridian

Best: Being full of hope, calm, peaceful, being able to visualise the future

Worst: Less energy, back problems, being stubborn, colds, headaches, fearful of change

Heart Meridian

Best: Spiritual and emotional growth, controlled thoughts and sense, peace, kind, emotional balance, conscience and wisdom.

Worst: Cold sweats, inability to speak, bad sleep, shortness of breath, Profuse sweating, pain around the ears, insecurity, restlessness, less mental power

Bladder Meridian

Best: Full of hope, being able to visualize the energy, calm, peaceful

Worst: Headaches, back pains, being stubborn, fearful for the future, colds,

Kidneys Meridian

Best: Wisdom, being rational, gentleness, self-understanding

Worst: Chest pain, asthma, impotence, irregular menstruation,hysteria, paranoia, loneliness

Pericardium Meridian

Best: Joy, happiness, and healthy relationships

Worst: Difficulty in feeling and expressing emotions, phobias, disorders of heart, chest, and stomach

Triple Warmer Meridian

Best: Kindhearted, strong and stable mind, joyful

Worst: Ailments of the head, ears, eyes, and throat

Gallbladder Meridian

Best: Courage & initiative, good sleep, planning, analysis, good judgement

Worst: Ringing in the ears, eye diseases, waking very early in the morning and not being to fall asleep again

Liver Meridian

Best: Kindness, compassion ,integrity

Worst: Frustration, rage, anger, blurry vision, finger and toenail condition

Lung Meridian

Best: Righteousness, dignity, integrity, high self-esteem

Worst: Disappointment, sadness, grief, despair

Large Intestine Meridian

Best: Better skin condition, less sweating, efficient cleansing of bodily toxins

Worst: Congested lungs, abdominal pains, diarrhea, emotional withdrawal, apathy, distress

Stomach Meridian

Best: Fairness, openness, and caring

Worst: Facial paralysis, low confidence, nose bleeding, sore throat, suspicion, mistrust

Spleen Meridian

Best: Deep thinking, reminiscencing, good self-esteem, fairness, openness

Worst: Poor concentration, low self-confidence, unclear thought process, gluttony

If you look at the body clock below you can see that each organ has a corresponding organ plus a time in which they are at their most effective at. To many this is Mother Nature’s way of letting us know how to plan the day, work on what is needed, and when to wind down from the commotion of the day, relax, and recover for the next day.

From http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-secret-life-of-your-bodyclock/


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