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Vibrational Energy: Abundance and Healing

Ever felt that someone close to you has all the ‘pieces’ and you’re missing some?

Maybe you’ve come across someone and they have so much that you wonder if magic is real?

Or you’ve experienced a long string of bad luck following some small piece of fortune you gained?

You may not know this but everything in the world, in its most basic form, is energy.

And it vibrates!

This information at hand has enabled some to grasp and hone an ability that for so long has evaded many people. Without further ado, lets get into what it is exactly. 

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Vibrational Energy: What Is It?


Vibration is at the center of everything that happens and doesn’t happen – from a tiny pebble on the side of a path to a whale swimming through the deep ocean each has its own frequency that its energy vibrates at. For humans we are made up of different levels of energy: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional; and these all operate at different vibrational frequencies to make up the whole.

You might also know this as the ‘Law of Vibration’; one law of the many ‘Universal Laws’ that govern everything in existence. The Law of Vibration states that nothing is ever still and that everything is moving as well as moving in vibration. The Law of Attraction is closely related to it as those that vibrate at the same frequency are more likely to attract and resonate with each other.

So how can one determine what their overall vibration (or vibe) is at? 

If things are looking up and chipper at work and home, when things are falling into place for you, when not even a rainy day can bring you down then it can be said that your vibration is high. This is also called ‘being in the flow’ as nothing is impeding you from becoming your best self. In this state of being you are also more likely to gather more of what you already have (abundance), and attract new relationships that have the same kind of vibe as you turning into a positive loop that looks and feels like to never end.

But what’s on the other side of the coin? A low vibration is indicated by toxic people being in your life, bad luck occurring to you on a regular basis for no reason, you become angry or depressed more easily than you would normally, and nothing generally good happens in your life might just be a result of your vibration being low. 

With all these signs now apparent to you how does one go about and use this newfound element?

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Vibrational Energy: How Do I Use It?

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While Vibrational Energy is in and around us it’s no use if it isn’t utilized effectively. And for it to be used in such a way steps must be taken in order for you to be able to. So here are some ways that you can start to be aware and use the amazing Vibrational Energy to your advantage!

  • Assess Your Thinking

You may think that Vibrational Energy resides only within physical objects but they are also present within your thoughts! If you haven’t caught on, positive thoughts carry with them Vibrational Energy that is high and will affect your overall energy. Negative thoughts carry energy that vibrate at a lower frequency thereby lowering your overall Vibrational Energy, lowering your chance of gaining abundance and living your best life.

To remedy this meditate to find out what kind of person you are and why your thinking defaults to a certain ‘pathway’: are you a gambler? Someone who looks at the finer details but misses the overall picture? Maybe you don’t care as long as money is involved? Through this you can trace which thoughts are positive and which are negative that develop within your own mind. With this you can start to manage and mold your thoughts to be positive and assist rather than debilitate you.

Another method you can use are affirmations to influence your subconscious mind to align with your goals, therefore gaining another source of Vibrational Energy that are of a high frequency. To keep telling yourself in the morning and before you go to sleep what you want is to slowly change your mind and mold it to ensure manifestation. It may be hard but eventually you will change your current belief system with one that aligns with your goals.

  • Find Something Beautiful Each Day

When you look at something beautiful how do you know that it is beautiful in the first place? Not only do you perceive it as a beautiful thing but because its Vibrational Energy is of a high frequency! Appreciating beauty raises your own Vibrational Energy a little bit as yours tries to resonate with it. By seeking out beautiful things and surrounding yourself with them everyday your own Vibrational Energy will slowly become of a higher frequency!

But is it only objects that allow your Vibrational Energy to be raised? Not at all! Random acts of kindness, being good to people around you without expecting something in return, and spreading love are all ways that you can ‘become’ beautiful in your own right that will surely attract those of the same Vibrational Energy as well as those who are aiming to become beautiful and raise their frequency to match yours.

On the other hand if you’re talking bad to people, airing people’s dirty laundry, back stab those that help you in times of need, and conduct yourself in a generally bad manner then your vibrational frequency is low. This has the effect of attracting all manner of bad into your life, people that are toxic and do not care for your well-being, bad luck running amok in every facet of your life, and your relationships and health deteriorating and souring.

Vibrational Energy: In Conclusion

Vibrational Energy is all around us. Within humans there are multiple levels of Vibrational Energy that make up your whole vibe the reflect your current state of being, its condition, and your current hopes and dreams. A higher frequency of this Vibrational Energy may resonate with other people who are of the same and are aiming for the same ideals. People with low frequency have lives that may have elements of anxiety, negativity, and decay in the realms of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. With self-improvement, eating healthy, and being around beautiful things and people one’s vibrational frequency may become higher bringing along with it abundance and positivity.



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